What is online Quran teaching?

It is a web based online meeting, which gets established through audio-video software that enables students to interact with teachers from any computer with Internet access. By providing a human touch to computer education, we teach students individually (one on one) in order to learn The Holy Quran effectively according to the desired need.

Is online Quran teaching helpful?

Our experience finds that one-on-one online Quran teaching is very effective, engaging and useful because student never have to leave his or her comfortable home environment and yet acquire Quranic Education for which one has to travel long distances. We have always had appreciating comments from our students and their parents.

Are you providing these lessons from a CD or software?

No, this is a live in-person service in which actually teacher interact with student in real time. However, few softwares are used during the interactive sessions for learning purposes. In addition we occasionally refer students to our website for supplementary material we have saved up for students.

What if we are not computer or Internet expert users?

No problem, our technical staff will guide you and your child through the basic installation of the software. It takes only few minutes to install all the relevant softwares to smoothly interact with our trained teachers. Once they are on your computer you can easily get classes online on regular basis. Therefore in short, you do not need any computer expertise to take lessons.

Do you only teach Quran?

No, we also teach the basics of Islam like Declarations/Kalimay, Salat/Prayer, hadith and Dua's. We also provide Arabic language and Grammar classes.

What is the mode of payments?

Payments can be done via " Payoneer " 1) Account holder's Name: Wajahat Mahmood. 2) Email: waji0123@gmail.com