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Chillisauce launched in 2001 and since then has become the largest provider of activity based events in the UK. From its humble beginnings,

Chillisauce has branched out into numerous different fields: from stag and hen weekends to corporate events, team building days, product launches, activity breaks, company parties and experiential marketing campaigns.

Getting to a website design that caters to the target audience as well as the client's brand requires a considerable time and effort spent on planning and collaboration. In this particular case it started with small tasks based on the need of the client.

a story of trust

Starting with small tasks the client continued to stay impressed with the quality of the services we offered.

It continued with tasks of different natures and the amount of tasks increased with the passage of time as client relied more and more on the services offered.

The Game Changer

For quite a sometime Chillisauce continued testing the waters and developed trust gradually on us. The quality of work and the level of commitment we offered compelled them to step into handing over major responsibilities to us and thus we were asked to develop a desktop based complex event management system.

complex event management system

The challenge

Wanted to upgrade existing system to a

new featured and highly equipped management system.

Hitting the Bulls eye

Since we had been working on different modules with Chillisauce, we had developed an understanding of the company lately. Having full knowledge about the target customers and the services of the company we were in a better position to define its goals, story of the site, how it was going to be organized and what information visitors would be most interested in both the cases for website and event management system.

moving forward

Moving forward after design: Effective, goal-oriented design takes planning, teamwork, extensive communications, and a clear process. However we were provided with the design for the web pages so we started working on the architecture and thus with the undaunted efforts of our developing team we were able to develop both the management system and the website.


A lot of effort is put into gaining clients and capturing market share. Companies spend a lot of time campaigning annually to gain clients; once those clients come through the door, no one wants to lose them. Focusing on customer satisfaction is critical, because happy clients become repeat clients and chiilisauce is one of our happy clients.


"We have worked with Moftak for over 6 years and have found them to be an excellent company who have helped us build some extremely complex solutions vital to the success of our company. When working with an outsourcing team communication is of the utmost importance and we have always found that Moftak to be very good communicators, who will go beyond the call of duty to make your projects a success. I would highly recommend Moftak to anyone looking for a high level outsourcing solution.”